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More On Beijing's Fitzcarraldo Complex

It really must be Throwback Thursday if they're all talking about the Kra Canal again

Thailand’s Kra Canal: China’s Way Around the Malacca Strait | The Diplomat (6 April): A summary of the history of the idea and its current context within China's Belt & Road Initiative. While the canal can solve Beijing's "Malacca Dilemma," it could create bigger ones for Bangkok

Fears rise in India as China pushes plan for canal to reshape Indian Ocean | Business Standard News (6 April): India's Navy is, shall we say, concerned. As of now the Malacca Dilemma prevents China from having a sustainable military presence in the Indian Ocean. A Kra Canal would drastically change that, and substantially reduce the effectiveness of the Himalayan buffer in any military confrontation between India and China

Thailand's Kra Canal project is China's masterplan to secure Beijing's interests, assert influence in ASEAN, Indian Ocean Region - Firstpost (6 April): A look at the costs and potential economic gains from the project for Thailand reveal a likely sucker's bet. Robbing business from neighbors will make for sour relations, and both tourism business and internal stability in the Isthmus will be negatively impacted. The primary benefits of the project are geopolitical (for Beijing), not economic (for anyone, really) 

Mixed reactions to Kra Canal project - The Nation (Thailand) (25 March): Business and government elites continue to debate the project. Some ex-generals seem to love it, while admirals don't. Meanwhile, “Prayut told me that the right time has yet to come”

The Oil Canal That May Never Be | (15 March): While support for the project is growing, a look at the potential raw numbers show that any profit would be a long way off.