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More on Fiji's realignment toward the New Axis: Lowy Interpreter

Malaysia stifles dissent as public unrest grows -

Najib Razak has surrounded himself with mistakes, surrounding himself with enemies in the process

ALSO: Najib Razak's brother warns of 1MDB fallout in Malaysia

Australia's right to send asylum seekers offshore faces dual challenges | Guardian

Japan's Central Bank Isn't Out of Options Yet, Abe Aide Says - Bloomberg Business

Australian ban on Norfolk radio labelled childish | Radio New Zealand News

A ham-handed muzzling of a quixotic separatist group will not end well

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What's Going On in Fiji?

On the heels of a small arms buildup controversy, a political crackdown:

National Federation Party has been suspended for 30 days

Russia: Arms shipment to Fiji to bolster UN peacekeeping's-request-russia

Meet the Four Key Players in Vietnam's Leadership Transition - Bloomberg Business

Now that the Party leadership contest is over, who will they choose?​

Laos: The New Cold War Battleground You Don’t Know About | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

​If you can cut through the Jacobin rhetoric, this is a good summary of the foreign players in the country. ​

Taiwan Elections: An Opportunity for Japan? | The Diplomat

Given the new political environment, we'd say yes​

Minxin Pei: Behind China's woes, myth of competent autocrats- Nikkei Asian Review

Can talented policymakers ever rise to the top in today's China?

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