Friday, March 04, 2016

Chinese Nationals Using Cambodian Casinos as Base for VoIP Extortion Scams

The raid on the top floor of the Crown Casino, owned by
Oknha Kok An, was conducted at around midnight, according to Sieng Sen, director of the internal security department at the Ministry of Interior, which led the raid.
Mr. Sen said that the investigation as well as the raid was made at the request of Chinese police, who issued warrants for the arrests of 42 of their citizens whom they believed to be in Cambodia. The actual raid turned up many more suspects, all of whom were immediately sent to provincial court for questioning and identification.
"Though the arrest warrant stated 42 names…the raid found nearly 70. We are not sure if all of them or any of them committed the crimes, so all of them will need to be verified. We need to know if the 42 are within their ranks or in different groups," Mr. Sen said.

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