Monday, September 05, 2016

#LegCo 2016: Freedom hangs on, for now

Image Airin T/Al Jazeera

UPDATED TUES, 6 SEPT 2016 0200 UTC +8
The opposition camp has maintained its veto power in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council after winning 19 of 35 seats in the geographical constituencies, with localist parties gaining three of the 19 seats. Pan-democrats also won three out of five seats in the District Council (Second) constituency, also called super seats. 
The opposition camp of pan-democratic and localist parties needed to win 18 seats in geographical constituencies to reject bills proposed by fellow lawmakers. A total of 24 seats – including those won in the geographical and the functional constituencies – were needed for the veto of issues such as Hong Kong’s political reform. The opposition parties won eight seats in the functional constituency. 
Among the increasingly popular localist groups who advocate greater self-determination for Hong Kong, candidates from Youngspiration and Civic Passion won seats.

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