Monday, August 07, 2017

#ASEAN Down But Not Yet Out in the #SouthChinaSea

With the Framework, Multilateralism gets thrown a bone. But the clock is ticking

"Asean Relevance in the Balance," Philippine Daily Inquirer, 4 August

After 15 years of trying to achieve a multilateral agreement on the South China Sea, Asean's Framework a "consolation prize" from China (link)

"China scores diplomatic coup in South China Sea row," Financial Express 6 August

Philippines, Laos, Cambodia led way in "watering down" statements of concern (link)

"Gritty Talks Ahead as China, Asean Agree to Avoid Mishaps in Disputed Sea," Voice of America 6 August

The devil is in the details, which have yet to be figured out (link)

"Water Wars: China Displays Diplomatic Skill and Military Might," Lawfare 6 August

As Asean figures out how to fill in the Framework, China will keep on building (link)

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