Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Australian behind Singapore anti-foreigner website convicted of sedition

At a district court on Tuesday, Takagi pleaded guilty to fabricating two articles attacking Filipinos and another targeting mainland Chinese.
They included an article which said that a Filipino family instigated a fracas at a Hindu festival, and another alleging that a Chinese woman made her grandson urinate into a bottle inside a metro train.
These articles tended to "promote feelings of ill-will and hostility" between different races and between Singaporeans and foreigners working in the city-state, court documents said.
Singapore's sedition laws make it an offence to promote hostility between different races or classes in the multiracial city-state, which is mainly ethnic Chinese.
About 40 per cent of the labour-starved island's 5.5 million people are foreigners.
Each sedition charge carries a penalty of up to three years in jail and a maximum fine of $SG5,000 ($4,847), or both.

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