Thursday, March 03, 2016

China's Footprint in Laos Stirs Up Ghosts of Resistance Past

The district where the attack took place is north of Xaisomboun, a province that has seen a spate of deadly bomb and gun attacks in recent months.

In January, two Chinese nationals were reportedly killed, including an employee of a Chinese mining company, and one injured in a suspected bomb attack in a mountainous region, prompting a travel warning from the US Embassy in Vientiane.

In the past, the area has hosted a shadowy insurgency by ethnic Hmong against Laos' Communist rulers.

The rebels are believed to be the remnants of anti-Communist militias recruited by the United States during its secret operations in Laos amid the Vietnam War.

Neither Laos nor China's Communist leaders touched on a suspected motive behind the assaults against Chinese nationals. However Beijing's growing footprint in the poor nation has stirred unease in among locals in recent years.

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