Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pacific-wide study tipped to show ‘real value’ of lost fisheries

We're working hard and we're trying our best to ensure that we don't end up like a lot of those countries in Europe and Africa. We have a lot more at stake because for the majority of our countries, fisheries is all they have –we don't have anything else so we have a little bit more at stake than many others."
It is already a moot point that the majority of Pacific countries agree it is the "Unreported 'U'" in IUU that is an area of weakness in current MCS efforts.
Samoa points to the absence of independent catch monitoring and verification in the longline sector as major weakness and therefore needs more attention for a mitigation upgrade.
"Very importantly, this report will set a definitive baseline for the scale, composition and quantified value on IUU fishing and what it is costing this region, against which future success can be measured," said Movick.
"It will also help to provide a clearer basis to assess what is working and what needs reworking to ensure that collective regional efforts are targeted toward the most prevalent and costly forms of IUU in the evolving Pacific tuna fishery."


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