Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Abu Sayyaf piracy prompts calls for maritime security agreement over Sulu-Sulawesi Seas

"Between the countries, they have to work together," said Mr Budhi Halim, secretary-general of the Indonesian National Shipowners Association. "What they are doing in the Strait of Malacca, I think they can do it over (in the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas).
"The only thing (is that the Strait of Malacca) is a commercial and an international passage(way). This one only (involves) Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines and there are only small vessels passing through these areas. But these three countries have to be united to secure this area and (prevent this thing from happening again)." 
The Abu Sayyaf militants have demanded a ransom of more than US$1 million. Although the ransom deadline expired on Friday (Apr 8), the Indonesia government said the hostages are safe and that authorities are in intense negotiations with the militant group to secure their release.

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