Thursday, April 14, 2016

Judgment on President Park and ruling party

The Saenuri Party's failure to win more than a majority in the Assembly is largely due to negative public sentiment over its nasty power struggle in the candidate nomination process, analysts said.
In addition, it was seen as the public's judgment on the Park Geun-hye administration's dealing with state affairs, delivering a hard blow to the President who is seeking to tighten her grip on state affairs during her remaining term in office so as to push various economic and social reforms.
"The Saenuri Party's defeat is a warning message from voters who were frustrated by its nasty nomination fracas. In addition, with President Park in the latter part of her term in office, supporters of the ruling party were less united than in the 2012 election," said Yoo Yong-hwa, a political analyst.
Following the defeat, the ruling party is expected to see a power struggle between those loyal to the President and non-mainstreamers ahead of next year's presidential election.

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