Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Malaysia: Mahathir has Epiphany and Faces Karma for it

"I didn't ask for any foreign government (to interfere). I said that all the means of redress in this country has been shut down by Najib, so I will tell the foreign press about that," he said. "They (the police) can investigate, they have done it twice. All my friends have also been investigated." 
In the interview with the Australian broadsheet published last Saturday, Dr Mahathir had said there was "little hope" that Mr Najib would quit without external pressure.
"Normally I don't like foreign interference in Malaysian affairs but our avenues for redress have been closed completely," Dr Mahathir was quoted as saying. 
"So now we have to allow foreign­ interference in our domestic­ affairs. If it is legal, legitimate, yes. If they have informatio­n, they should give informa­tion. And if there is money laundering, just because it is Najib it doesn't mean they should suspend that law."


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