Monday, July 17, 2017

#Indonesia & The Predicament of #Pancasila in Combating Extremism #Jokowi

"Jokowi's Diplomacy," Jakarta Post, 12 July

Widodo's growing global profile is accompanied by the emergence of an Indo-Pacific Theater of the War on Terror (link)

"Crackdown on hardline Islamists ‘repressive’ – rights activists," Asian Correspondent, 13 July

Ban on extremist groups draws ire of both conservative and rights organizations (link)

'Security minister fiercely defends decree allowing unilateral disbandment of radical organizations, saying it’s needed to save Indonesia," Coconuts Jakarta, 13 July

Wiranto invokes goals of Pancasila, Indonesia's unifying state ideology, to justify ban (link)

"Indonesia in number two on worldwide list of foreign Islamic State jihadists arrested in Turkey,", 14 July

Almost 10% of Daesh fighters detained in Turkey come from Indonesia, making the country the second biggest farm team for the group, next to Russia. Australia is worried (link)

"Indonesia’s new law to ban extreme groups may backfire: Experts," TODAY, 14 July

Conservative Islam is also one of the pillars of Pancasila and Indonesian society generally. As such, ban on extremist groups may spur a backlash (link)

"Jokowi's new decree is only partly about curbing Islamist groups," Crikey, 14 July

The ban also represents a move by Jokowi to turn the principles of Pancasila against the neo-Suhartoists who want to see him fall, and spurred Ahok protests (link)

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