Monday, July 03, 2017

Kasumigaseki Quakes: What the #Koike Victory Means #Tokyoelection

Original photo K. Nagashima, Asahi

"Japan PM's party suffers historic defeat in Tokyo poll, popular governor wins big," Reuters 2-3 July

Ishiba, likely beneficiary, says result more about Abe than Koike, who was able to pull Komeito away from traditional LDP coalition (link)

"Japan's ruling LDP hammered in Tokyo elections, as voters flock to new force,"
Straits Times, 2-3 July

School scandals, tobacco lobby, government overreach fuel vote (link)

"Despite vague platform, Tomin First outshining status quo in Tokyo, " Japan Times, 2 July

“It’s not like I support the party. There was no choice other than that” (link)

"Damage control vital for Abe after Tokyo assembly defeat," Nikkei, 3 July

One response could be an earlier Diet election to limit damage - constitutional reform at stake if LDP does poorly (link)

"LDP execs say it's fault of media for party's election battle," Asahi Shimbun, 1 July

Gaffe-prone Abe lieutenants blame the messenger, as usual (link)

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