Monday, October 30, 2017

Mountains of Lions & Dragons: the struggle to secure #CPEC

China's grand plan to leverage the resources of South Asia requires Pakistan to clean up its act on regional stability. Meanwhile, the neighbors offer a Bronx Cheer

"WHY THE CHINA-PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR WILL WORSEN TENSIONS IN SOUTHERN ASIA," War On The Rocks, 28 Sept Beijing has Islamabad convinced they both can use CPEC for economic advantage. Pakistan also sees a security advantage. New Dehli, along with both Pakistani minorities and regional players, see a threat. All are "more likely to feed a spiral of suspicion and hostility" than anything else [link]

"Corruption, Not India, Is CPEC's Biggest Threat," Forbes, 3 Oct Security concerns may exist but the more tangible threats are structural tendencies in both Chinese and Pakistani businesses and government toward padding and goldbricking. The resulting cost overruns will hobble Pakistan in debt and the IMF will likely hold Beijing responsible [link]

"Globalisation of Terror," Pakistan Today, 23 Oct CPEC provides East Turkestan separatists with a new theater of operations against Beijing [link]

"WHAT DO YOU GET IF YOU CROSS PAKISTAN’S GAME OF THRONES AND CHINA’S BELT AND ROAD?" South China Morning Post, 28 Oct Washington and New Dehli are united in their opposition to CPEC. Support within Pakistan for the initiative is hollow, and dalliances with insurgent groups hasn't helped. Beijing has let Islamabad's elites know they need to guarantee security if they want to get and stay rich [link]

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