Sunday, December 10, 2017

#SouthChinaSea : Working with what you got

China's increasing presence in the South China Sea has become the new normal. Now the focus, on all sides, is on keeping a sustainable foothold

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ANI Analysis: All Calm In the South China Sea?: Some takeaways from the Bloomberg/Chatham House seminar at Lingan University in Hongkong on 1 December: next steps for Beijing likely include pressurizing other claimants for joint development, which may explain why she is willing to work with Asean on a region Code of Conduct. The question is how the Code, if it materializes, will affect future behavior [4 Dec]

SOUTH CHINA SEA | PH envoy sees no Chinese withdrawal from Scarborough despite improved relations with Beijing | InterAksyon: Duterte's overtures to China are unlikely to quickly bear fruit with regard to Scarborough Shoal. But they may offer a foundation for a new approach by Manila to maintain a presence there [5 Dec]

South China Sea Militarization: Fighters in the Paracels and Combat Logistics | The Diplomat: The military footprint in the Paracels is growing, as is US/Allied concern about it. Beijing is learning that they have concerns as well, though more practical ones: how to sustain such a far-flung outpost, and the limits to what can be based there [6 Dec]

Murky problem in the South China Sea - Nation | The Star Online: Part of any tangible cooperation between Beijing and Asean will have to deal with food security. The Code of Conduct will have to tackle illegal and unsustainable fishing, already a major problem in the area. Can China, let alone other parties, be held accountable? [10 Dec]

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