Friday, March 11, 2016

People's Deputy, Taiwan Expert: Punish "Green" Taiwan Businesses

Li Yihu, and his solitary, sheepish face
“Some ‘green’ businessmen from Taiwan make money on the mainland but also support pro-independence activities in Taiwan,” Li said, referring the “green camp” of pro-independence parties that takes its name from the colour of the DPP’s flag. 
“There should be a system of rewards and punishments to address the problem of ‘two-faced’ businessmen,” Li said. 
In an exclusive interview with the South China Morning Post, Li, who is also a National People’s Congress delegate, said Beijing should start a data base about Taiwanese businessmen’s activities on the island. 
Li, however, did not elaborate on how the mainland should punish businessmen who supported the island’s independence activities. 
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The dynamics of cross-strait relations look set to change following the landslide victory of DPP chairperson Tsai Ing-wen and her colleagues in the island’s parliamentary and presidential elections in January. 

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