Monday, January 22, 2018

The Hoover Maneuver: Codependency and the Inter-Korea Talks #korea #unification

Together Again For Another Wild Ride?

Hoovering: 1. v. To vacuum a floor or rug; 2. v. Being manipulated back into a relationship with threats of suicide, self-harm, or threats of false criminal accusations. Relationship manipulation often associated with individuals suffering from personality disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Pyongyang plays Seoul's heartstrings with yet another Olympic romance. Can it be real this time? Friends and family offer little hope

The challenge of turning inter-Korean thaw into longer-term detente - Channel NewsAsia: If it's real, it's going be hard going. The North has already balked at mention of her nuclear program, threatening to walk. Washington's stridency isn't helping as the South endures a painful deja vu: "There are few signs to suggest that this time is any different, but it is still too soon to tell"

China’s agenda behind inter-Korean talks - Lowy Interpreter: Beijing, at least on the surface, is more optimistic about reconciliation. They've actually been facilitating a Track Two of sorts between the Koreas for a while now. China has three goals in overseeing this latest round of family therapy: bolstering support for a "double suspension" of Northern Nukes and US-Southern military exercises; reasserting leverage over Kim; and keeping Washington on the back foot

Will talks lead to US negotiations with NKorea? - The Manila Times Online: Frank Ching points out how all roads lead to Pyongyang; they've set the rules. They've succeeded in getting US-led defense exercises postponed, and they want them eliminated. Until that happens, the door remains closed to Washington. It's up to Moon to make Kim see the Big Picture

What Experts Think of the Inter-Korea Talks | The Diplomat: Christopher Green, Van Jackson, Tim Shorrock, and Harry Sa walk into a bar and discuss the latest Joseon household drama. Only one of them holds out hope

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