Friday, February 02, 2018

#Bangladesh as Rising Star in The #Jihadi Franchise

The Rohingya crisis, Global Takfiri retrenchment, and political legacies of Bangladesh's Liberation War all play a part in the nation's emerging status as a terror exporter

Bangladesh: Relentless Response – Analysis – Eurasia Review: This unabashedly pro-government view, while praising counterinsurgency efforts post-Dhaka, nevertheless concedes the the insurgency continues to adapt with changing tactics, technology, and message, particularly capitalizing on the Rohingya plight

The jihadist threat from Bangladesh is real and growing - ThePrint: the neoconservative view through an Indian lens - both diaspora and domestic controls are factors in militants taking home grievances beyond foreign borders

Political Islam and Islamist Terrorism in Bangladesh: What You Need to Know - Lawfare: Christine Fair explains that despite Western perceptions, Bangladesh has been from its beginnings shackled to a bitter and often violent political struggle between a post-Marxist establishment and an Islamist opposition, expressing itself in a series of military coups,  and growing corruption and impunity. In other words, the seeds of insurgency have always been there; we just haven't noticed them before

Bangladesh’s New Generation of Militants | The Diplomat: Islamist insurgency in Bangladesh has steadily evolved towards transnationalism since the 2000s. Now with the ascendancy of Daesh, there is an increasing tactical focus on martyrdom

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