Wednesday, March 16, 2016

'Asking who’ll be PM after Najib is putting cart before horse'

"The road to fundamental political changes in Malaysia is going to be a long and arduous one, with the Citizen's Declaration of March 4 only being the first step.
"Malaysia is in uncharted political waters and we can only take the political tests and challenges we have assumed with the signing and proclamation of the Citizen's Declaration one step at a time, fully putting national interests above all racial, religious, regional, party and individual interests.
"As stated in the Citizen's Declaration to Save Malaysia, the signatories are fully aware that leadership change must be accompanied by democratic and institutional changes or the country would be back to square one," Lim said.
Lim also addressed other questions about the Citizens' Declaration, including a debate on whether the Citizens' Declaration was being controlled by Mahathir or Lim.

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