Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Singapore becomes leading investor in Vietnam

To date, Singapore has invested in nearly 1,570 projects in Vietnam, ranking third out of 112 countries and territories investing in Vietnam.
The average capital investment per Singaporean project in Vietnam is $23 million, which is much higher than the average foreign investment of $14 million per project.
In the processing and manufacturing sector, Singaporean firms have invested a total of $15.6 billion in 480 projects, accounting for 43 percent of Singapore's total investment in Vietnam.
Singaporean capital is also invested in real estate ($11 billion), entertainment ($1.8 billion), construction ($1.7 billion) transportation and storage ($1.4 billion).
HCM City is an attractive destination for Singaporean investors, who funded nearly 780 projects there with $9.6 billion. These investments account for 50 per cent of the total projects in HCM City and 27 per cent of Singapore's total investments in Vietnam.

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