Monday, September 11, 2017

#Japan 's Loyal Opposition - Bad Timing and No Traction at the DPJ

The Democratic Party of Japan, intolerant of Renho's neophyte stumbles, crawls back to mediocrity. Seiji Maehara has already made stumbles of his own despite supposedly knowing better. The ship may already be sinking

"39% don't have high hopes for new Democratic Party leader Maehara: survey," Mainichi 4 Sept The DPJ's ideological split continues to hold it down in polls, despite Abe Cabinet's own dismal ratings (link)

"Maehara stumbles over selection of deputy as DP braces for snap election," Japan Times 6 Sept "Maehara’s about-face has put a question mark on his leadership ability as head of the DP, whose members often have failed to unite and have instead engaged in internal strife." And that was before Yamao blew up (link)

"Democratic Party can waste no time getting its act together," Asahi 6 Sept Maehara's penchant for poor judgment leaves his proteges vulnerable to backstabbing (link)

"Maehara must ensure DP is able to govern," Yomiuri 8 Sept A collection of insights on Maehara reveals more about Ishiba's designs on the LDP than anything else (link)

Meanwhile, the real skinny is at Tokyo On Fire:

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