Monday, September 04, 2017

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Grand Fenwick anymore" #DPRK

'North Korea: Is it time to accept Pyongyang will remain a nuclear threat forever?' A(ust)BC News 4Sep It would appear that North Korea has finally achieved the nuclear deterrent it has worked so long for. Now they have to deal with the consequences of raising the stakes (Link)

'Getting Tough on North Korea: Iran and Other Mirages' 38North 1 Sep Unlike Iran, North Korea had far less to lose in its brinksmanship with the West. Given the state of its economy and goals of its regime, it was a foregone conclusion that sanctions would be less of a deterrent (Link)

'Kim Jong Un's Theory of Nuclear Victory' Lowy Interpreter 29 August Kim's primary goal in developing a nuclear deterrent is regime survival. But is it possible, having seen the Trump administration's ineptitude and latent isolationism, that he is now looking for more? (Link)

'North Korea’s 6th Nuclear Test: Strong Tremor Felt in China' The Diplomat 3 Sep Beijing may want to do some sentiment analysis before they continue to drag their heels in dealing with North Korea (Link)

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