Monday, September 25, 2017

Losing Face on North Korea #DPRK #Trump #Dotard

Shooting off his mouth again, the American (p)resident's blustery war of words against the North Korean regime is blowing away whatever credibility he has left

"Poll: far more trust generals than Trump on North Korea, while two thirds oppose preemptive strike," Washington Post, 24 September  Already low approval numbers are cemented by Trump's reliance on personal insults over conventional diplomacy (link)

"The Madman Theory of North Korea," The New Yorker, 2 October  It didn't work for Nixon; it isn't working for Trump either (link)

"What North Korea wants from the US," Axios  24 September  The Kim regime sees the (p)resident's belligerence as empty threats to save face.  Trump's generals are facepalming. What is really needed to avoid an accidental catastrophe is a concerted effort to get everyone on the same page and at the same table, without the headdesk (link)

 "Kim Jong Un's dark warning," Lowy Interpreter, 22 September  Trump appears to have no concept of the Asian concept of "face." Either that, or he doesn't care.  The rhetoric from North Korea has actually been par for the course up till now; it's Trump's personal insults that are escalatory,  playing into Kim regime propaganda, increasing tensions, and slamming the door to diplomacy (link)

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