Monday, October 02, 2017

#Pakistan , Interrupted

He Broke It

"Is This The Pakistani Sunset?" Northlines 30 Sept While running point in the US War on Terror, Pakistan laid down with any number of dogs, and now has too many fleas. Add in resentment over impunity and CPEC's increasingly hard sell, and now "The Writing is On The Wall" (link)

"Pakistan’s Costly Plunge into China Debt," Asia Sentinel 30 Sept Speaking of CPEC: The wealth of the country's elites is still tied to London, so giving the store away to Beijing is no skin off their nose. The national economy and job base are another matter entirely (link)

"Beijing has signaled. Is Islamabad listening?" Daily Times 1 Oct Debt issues aside, CPEC could also be instrumental in weaning Pakistan away from fundamentalism and conflict with India (link)

"Confusion and indecisiveness," The News, 1 Oct Islamabad has been too busy scratching those Afghan Policy flea bites (see above) to achieve any sustainable goals in mainstreaming their Pashtun lands; you'd think paying due diligence to one problem would help solve the other (link)

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