Monday, October 09, 2017

#Afghanistan: Not Another Vietnam - Yet

Australia's commitment in Afghanistan to last 'decades' (link)
The need for political justification of the Afghan War has robbed it of what is really required for anything close to victory - "nation-building" and regional integration

"The New U.S. Commitment to Afghanistan Needs a Soft Power Strategy," Forbes 6 Oct The real progress the country's institutions have made remains an untold story.  But the job isn't finished, and these priorities should be increased and combined with regional integration (link)

"(Canadian) Support for Afghanistan Urgently Needed," editorial, Times Colonist (Victoria, BC), 6 Oct Justin Trudeau's withdrawal from Resolute Support, prompted by domestic politics and Trump statements on the war, comes at precisely the wrong time (link)

"Sixteen Years and Counting: The Afghan War Grinds On," Stratfor 7 Oct Mattis plan will have positive impacts, but no solution without addressing India-Pakistan tensions - with a non-punitive approach (link)

"Afghanistan: Another Victory for Tehran?" Lawfare, 8 Oct Kabul's collapse is the last thing Iran wants. Daesh is especially a concern. The goal for them is to balance Kabul and the Taliban to increase influence in the country at Washington's expense (link)

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